One and other studio

Being Norwegians, our natural artistic flair and love for Scandinavian design with if s simple and authentic esthetic, laid foundations for our creativity and the brand DNA. With our roots from Northern Norway, we have a genuine desire to develop sustainable products with care for the environment and animal welfare. These are fundemental parts of our core values. lnspired to create the ultimate wardrobe for those who share our values, we create a timeless and honest expression of what luxury attire can be.

Our brand DNA is built on Scandinavian aesthetic and anti-fast fashion, and above all we stand for one simple thing, quality for all.
This is the ideal that inspires everything we do and everything we want to do. Offering reinvented classics and wardrobe essentials, One&other’s mission
is to demonstrate quality through widely avaliable, well-made and durable products – designed to bring you the best of the best, at affordable prices.