In America the evolution of modern outdoor gear got into high gear right after World War II. There were a handful of pioneers, and none loomed larger than LeRoy and Alice Holubar. Working out of their small home in Boulder, Colorado, they revolutionized the old-fashioned World of cotton clothing, and sewn-through down garments. In particular, German-born Alice almost single-handedly moved garments into a new Era of modern nylon fabrics and sophisticated designs.

The Holubar brand rapidly gained ground, first in Colorado and later throughout the U.S.A., thanks to the excellent quality of the products and to the pioneering approach of Alice and LeRoy Holubar, who introduced various of technical innovations that over the years influenced many of America’s leading manufacturers of outdoor gear.
In 1968, Alice Holubar became seriously ill, and the couple decided to sell the company and spend their time traveling the world. The Holubar brand name passed through a number of hands. However, none of the new owners was able to assure the Holubar brand the success that it had enjoyed under Alice and LeRoy, and by the 80s Holubar had virtually disappeared from the market.