History flies with us. All the decorations, shields, insignia that characterize our collections are absolutely original, and are the same ones that the military air force pilots wore and still wear. A guarantee of exclusivity that rewards our work and the high quality standards of our clothes, a further guarantee for those who choose to wear our jackets, our sweatshirts, our T-shirts, our trousers… To feel part of those “really special common people”, as the slogan of our “azzurri” in the sky says.

A strong sign, loaded with emotion, with a precise historical value to convey those ideals of piece and humanity that are today the foundations on which values of the international community stand. A sign that characterises all the collections of a constantly growing brand that, in just three years, has conquered the Italian and export market with its style, quality of materials and versatility of the lines. Aeronautica Militare and Pattuglia Acrobatica Nazionale, Italian pride sewn on.